World’s Weirdest Events

We are fan of partying and events where there are a lot of people. if you are saying that introverts do not like to socialize well, they all do via social media platforms. And now the world has changed much and people even party online. Events are the things and there are different types of events that are famous around the world. Each year many countries have a huge competition that who is going to get the most eyes on them around the world when they do fire works on the new year’s eve. Then people from around the globe also visit such countries just to take a glance of those events or be a part of those events. If you have much money with you and you are looking to attend some of the most popular events, then we suggest that you read the rundown below because these are tipped us by the best companies of event management in UAE;

  • One of the most famous festivals is held in Spain and that is called the La Tomatina. Many of you must have understood by its name but for those who do not know. May be you will find it weird because, in this festival, all you do is grab a bag of tomatoes and start throwing at people. If you are against food wasting, then this is not the festival for you. You can say at least 100 tons of tomatoes are being thrown at each other for no reason.
  • If you think the above festival was messy, then wait till you hear about this one. There is a festival of mud and that is called Boryeoung Mud Festival that occurs in South Korea. And here, people just throw mud at each other. here, you will not be throwing only mud at each other, but this mud is said to cleanse your soul and you will mud massage, mud baths and a music festival.
  • Then there is the Air Guitar World Championship and that is held in Finland. And each year, it gets over 10,000 visitors. Here, you will see people losing it because they will be playing guitar without a guitar like just do air gestures. The weird part is that there is a whole judge panel and the final entrance of the showdown is free.

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