Quick guide to pairing countertops with cabinets

We believe one of the hardest parts of kitchen design in Dubai is to pair the contrasting colors of countertops with the cabinets. Because these two are the main elements of the kitchen and take up most of the space in the kitchen, we would highly recommend you to consider it thoroughly. While we do believe that you can work with your previous cabinets if you are on a budget, we still have got some tips to elevate the game:

  • Go with the dark hues

If you already have your cabinets ready and just need to pick out the countertops then the obvious option would be choosing a color theme similar to your cabinets. Let’s say if you have dark oak wood cabinets, you may want to pair it with similar shades of brown marble countertop to give it a coordinating look. In doing so, make sure that the paint on walls and tiles are of lighter shades or else it will be very dark in the kitchen to work.

  • Darker wood and lighter marble

Undoubtedly it can be a pretty difficult pick and contrast something light with dark cabinets and in order to rock it effortlessly, you may need to consider the look of your kitchen which you will be opting for – whether it will be contemporary or traditional. If you do plan on doing this then it is going to be a great choice as lighter countertops can help reflecting light even better in the kitchen making the work place look brighter.

  • Crisp whites with dark shades

One of the easiest matches we would say would be combining the dark hues and shades with a crisp white. There’s something so striking about the quraz white plain marble that it catches the eye as soon as entered. It gives the kitchen a minimalist look paired with the classic cabinets and best distribution of light that one can aim for.

  • Shades of grey

Yes, grey marble is available which can give your kitchens a very luxury look. It is the best pick for you if you want to make sure that you are on the right track. It is also a very safe color for countertops as it is not something excitingly different but also nothing over the top. So, kitchen designers Dubai advice if you want to play safe, consider adding grey shades.