Why Attestation is needed in the UAE?

Why do we need degree certificate attestation for UAE? This is the question that emerges in almost everyone’s minds who have applied for the jobs in the United Arab Emirates. Many argue that when they are ready to share the original documents as proof of their qualification, then why the UAE government has to get the attested copies of these credentials.

Following are some of the reasons why everyone from another country has to get his or her educational and professional documents and credentials attested by the authorities of both countries.

  • The UAE authorities need attestation of the applicant’s documents if he or she is applying for a resident visa, family visa, employment visa, job visa, visa for parents, spouse visa.
  • The applicant must have attested documents even if he or she has to change the visa status in abroad.
  • Attestation is needed if you’re looking to change your profession or transferring a job.
  • If you’re getting your kids an admission in a school in the United Arab Emirates, you need to have attested documents.
  • If you seek amendment in the designation for family status in the UAE or if you want to get a bigger salary, you require attested credentials.
  • You will have to present attested documents if you want to add the name of your spouse in the passport.
  • Your attested credentials will help you a great deal if you’re looking to appear for an interview, tests or the Ministry of Health Exam and other writing exams for the UAE.
  • If you have attested documents and credentials, they will help you in streamlining the process of obtaining medical allowances and purchasing insurance for you and your family.
  • If you want to get married in the UAE, you should have properly attested copies of your professional documents.
  • If you’re going to become a father or a mother in the United Arab Emirates, your attested documents will help you in getting there without any hassle.

There are many other tasks that require people travelling from other countries to the UAE and its seven states to carry attested copies of their educational and professional credentials. These credentials might include education degrees and certificates, proofs of past job experiences, the legal documents including passport. These documents must be attested by the person’s country of origin and the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

You may go to website to dig in more information about the whole attestation process which is an essential part of your ambition to live and work in the United Arab Emirates.