5 Types of Traditional Emirati Clothing

Dubai is known for its beauty and diversified culture. People from all over the world visit Dubai inspired by the culture and the glamour that includes elegant clothing, designer accessories, and many other tourist spots.

In the midst of all the glam, people often look for traditional clothing or a Jalabiya dress. Dubai offers online shopping and many other fashion outlets to help people find the best clothing items.

The traditional Emirati clothing provides great insight into the culture of the UAE that attracts the visitors and gives an overview of the traditional clothes used in the country.

Whether you want to buy an Indian kurta in Dubai or a traditional dress, you need to know that Dubai has a wide variety of clothing items available to facilitate the customers with all their clothing needs.

That’s why we have come up with 5 types of traditional Emirati clothing to help people understand more about them.

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  1. Ghutra

Ghutra is a typical clothing item for men. It is designed for the dwellers of the desert to protect them from the unbearable heat of the sun. It is white in color and many Emiratis wear a white and a red ghutra on their head so they could fulfill the purpose. Many men even wear it for styling purposes as they never go out of style.

  1. Abaya

An abaya is a long-veiled gown. Many women wear it because it’s the part of their religion while others wear it to protect them from the heat too. It is a modest form of clothing and represents more than half of the culture of the UAE.

  1. Kandura

The kandura is worn by men and it includes a long-sleeved garment which is extended to the length of the ankle. It is a loose-fitted shirt that comes in cool colors like white, beige, yellow, blue, and lavender mostly.

  1. Hijab

It covers the hair, ears, and neck and comes in different shapes and sizes so that women can wear it in different style and cover their heads properly. It is also a typical form of head wrap that represents the culture of the UAE.

  1. Burqa

It appears as a facemask and can be referred to as a head-to-toe covering. It is designed in such a way to protect women in the UAE and comes in beautiful designs too.