Design Mistakes Every Homeowner Should Avoid

For first-time homeowners, designing their space can be an on-going challenge. Most of the time, they rely on what they know and what is available in the space. But just using what’s available can limit your design ideas and the things that are given in the space might be outdated and obsolete.

Home interior design companies in Dubai said that making design mistakes is not uncommon, but it can be avoided if you know the basic design pitfalls from experts in home design:

  • Not thinking about the purpose of the room


Sometimes, homeowners focus on how the room would look like, paying less attention to the purpose of the space. Be you start design, try to decide what the purpose of the space is. Knowing the purpose would help you to plan the placing of your furnishings and create a design that would address the needs of the people living in it. Some rooms may have more than one purpose, so try to create a good balance between the two functions.


  • Picking the wrong furnishings


Your choice of furniture can make or break your room design. Do not just rely on the look of the furnishings. Take into account the size and the function of the furniture and the fittings. It would be best if you can consult with a professional to know what kind of furniture would be appropriate on the space.


  • Not fusing your personality on the design


When you become too technical, the design becomes too cold and emotionless. Whenever you are revamping a space, try to incorporate your personal style. You need to keep in mind that your space is also a venue to express yourself. Infusing your characteristics would make the space feel like it is your own. But try to keep it classy and sophisticated.


  • Forgetting about the storage


A space with no storage space would run the risk of cramming. As much as possible, make room for storage so you can keep additional belongings and other home items. Be clever when designing the space so you can create a storage that can accommodate belongings.


  • Using cheap materials


When you cut corners in designing a space, you run the risk of using cheap materials that can drag the level of sophistication of the space. Try to allot budget on high-quality materials. They might be a little more expensive, but it is worth every penny.

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